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Sub-Division (Addition) List
Code Sub-Division Name
0000 Rural (No Addition)
A001 Cordell OT
A010 Armitage
A020 Baldwin Sub. Div.
A030 Baldwin Sub. Div Block 2
A040 Boyd
A050 Caldwell
A060 Christian College
A070 Christian Heights
A080 College
A090 Cordell Heights
A100 Creston
A110 Daniels
A120 Deans
A130 East Hill
A140 Hall and King
A150 Hillcrest
A160 Hinds
A170 Hulin Terrace
A180 Hulin Terrace Revised
A190 Linda Addition
A200 Marley Estates
A210 McClure
A220 Medlin
A230 Miller
A240 Olsen
A250 Pheasant Run
A260 Smith
A270 Southworth
A280 Sunny Slope
A290 Trails North
A300 Wedel
A310 Western Heights
A320 Young
A330 Russell Heights
A999 Cordell City Land
C001 Sentinel OT
C010 Allen
C015 Sentinel Bridges
C020 Capitol Hill
C030 First Addition
C040 George Mace First Addition
C050 George Mace Second Addition
C060 Jayroe
C070 Orient
C080 Simmons
C090 Southview
C100 Webb
C110 Whitmen
C999 Sentinel City Land
E001 Dill City OT
E010 Breashears
E020 Cannon
E030 Hoefar Plat
E040 Rambo
E050 Williams
E999 Dill City Land
G001 Foss OT
G010 First
G020 Second
I010 Canute OT
I001 Chervenka
I020 Mahl
I030 Paymaster
I040 Paymaster Amended Plat
I999 Canute City Land
K001 Rocky OT
K010 Means
K020 Underwood
M001 Bessie OT
N001 Colony OT
N999 Colony City Land
P001 Corn OT
P010 Duerksen
P020 Duerksen Second
P030 Duerksen Lakeside
P040 Duerksen Lakeside Second
P050 Richert
P060 South
P070 Wiens
P080 Willow Creek
P090 Duerksen East Addition
P999 Corn City Land
R010 Bryan Acres
R020 Davis Sub. Div.
R030 Indian Trails Blks 1 - 14 and A
R040 Indian Trails Blks 15 - 22
R050 Indian Trails Blks 23 - 36
R999 Burns Flat City Land
0010 Braithwaite
0020 Bridges Addition
0030 Cloud Chief
0040 Hilltop
0050 Simmons Addition